Cops suck David Sturdivant has lost his liberty, a kidney, his home, his business and all his belongings. “He was under the mistaken belief it would be OK to shoot at an intruder,” senior assistant district attorney Jason Park said in court. Stupid fucking cops and DA have zero common sense.  If there’s no right to […]

Gator Mulching Blade – Part 2

I first wrote about the Gator mulching blade a couple of years ago.  I didn’t like it at all back then (read the original review here) and I think the original review is still accurate….  However…. I have found a good use for the Gator blade.  It turns out that it has just enough lift […]

Climategate part 2

The news this morning was that there has been another release of emails from the University of East Anglia. According to a story from the Sacramento Bee, “The British university whose leaked emails caused a global climate science controversy in 2009 says it has discovered a potentially much larger data breach.” I have not read […]

The Illusion of Capital

Ever read one of those articles that gets you more and more excited the further into it you read?  One of those “Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking, but didn’t know how to express it!” articles? Well, today’s Daily Reckoning was like that for me. In the article The Illusion of Capital,  Dan Amoss […]