NCAA BowlShit

Flipping through the channels to see what awesome NCAA football matchup the bowl gods have for us on New Years Eve. Two 6-6 teams (Texas A&M and Northwestern) are playing in the “Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas”. WTF? It should be called the “Mediocre Bowl” or the “If We Had A Real Championship Tournament […]

Protester of the Year

It would take me many pages to chronicle my thoughts on this – almost as many pages as TIME took to explain their choice. Suffice it to say that I think there’s a huge difference between the Arab Spring protests and the “I want free shit and I want it now” protests in the US. […]

Occupy NPR

I listen to NPR daily (nothing else but inane college football talk on the radio here) as I drive to and from work.  This morning I heard this bit of garbage from NPR presented as news: LATOYA DENNIS, BYLINE: Just down the road from the state capitol building in Madison, Christina Long is living in […]

I want free shit – and I want it now!

The Occupy Wall Street movement started as a protest against the bailouts/favoritism the bankers and investment firms got from Bush and Obama. They’ve collected billions (and covertly borrowed trillions at basically 0% interest) of tax dollars and got favorable treatment from their buddies (Bernanke and Paulson) in government. Hey, no problem, I’m pissed about that […]