AT&T Still Sucks

Wow, 4 times tonight my AT&T U-Verse service has crashed for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.  No TV.  No Internet. All the TV’s will freeze up and and Internet service drops. Wired and wireless. No light flickers, nothing else in the house is affected, just AT&T U-Verse quits. I reported this to AT&T […]

Rombama? Robama? Obamney?

Rombama? Robama? Obamney?  I don’t know what name will ultimately be used for this seemingly inevitable putridity of a choice, but it will suck.  Because there is no real choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Except for a few of the “I’m more Christian than Christ” stupidities that all Republicans evidently have to parrot, […]