AT&T Still, Still Sucks

Guess who I’m on the phone with because of ANOTHER incorrect bill…. That’s right, AT and fucking T. Never again. When this contract is out, I will never again deal with AT&T. Never. Ever…. Ever. This latest fiasco is caused by me (according to AT&T) because I ordered a “3 month free trial” of HBO/Cinemax […]

AT&T Still Sucks

Wow, 4 times tonight my AT&T U-Verse service has crashed for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.  No TV.  No Internet. All the TV’s will freeze up and and Internet service drops. Wired and wireless. No light flickers, nothing else in the house is affected, just AT&T U-Verse quits. I reported this to AT&T […]

AT&T Sucks

Some background…. I did some research and ordered ATT Uverse service (18 MB down and 1.5mb up – more than double the max DSL speed I could get)  in March.  It was installed Apr 23.  DSL was disconnected (and by disconnected I mean that it quit working and we had no Internet connection) on Apr […]