Economy of Bush

Here are the current top three stories in the NY Times Business Section as of 9:30pm ET, July 28th: Record Deficit of $482 Billion Forecast By ROBERT PEAR and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN 4:17 PM ET The White House predicted on Monday that the Bush administration would bequeath a record deficit of $482 billion to the […]

WMD’s Found!

Ok, so the headline is fake.  Sue me.  But I guarantee that there is nothing that would make King George happier.  Unfortunately, after 5 years and 4000 American lives lost in Iraq, we can’t even find any spoiled camel piss.   Hillary is bitching that she was suckered into voting for the war, while refusing to admit that she […]

He’ll Never Learn

Looks like Bush is looking for new ways to spend your money.  He’s already turned record surpluses into record deficits, he’s wasted billions on the “war against terror” on Iraq, and he’s stood by and done nothing while watching the biggest bubble in recent history grow to the bursting point.  Now this from: “Look […]