Debt ceiling reality

I ran across this story on CNN a bit ago.  It’s titled “Debt ceiling: Time to get real” and it’s written by “Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer” Hey I thought, lets see what CNN has to say, maybe they’ll inject some facts into the stupidity about this that I’ve been hearing lately. So I read it.  […]

Where do they come up with these stats?

Just glancing through the news this morning and saw this in a story on The blue-chip Dow turned in its best July performance since October of 2002. On a related subject, this could be the best August since April…. gk

Will Geithner’s plan work?

There’s a decent article on this evening asking about Geithner’s plan, and if it would work.  It raised some some excellent points. What we do know is that the Obama administration is offering extremely favorable terms to the potential investors. The government, as The New York Times reported this morning, would lend private investors […]

Are stocks cheap?

CNN seems to think stocks are cheap right now.  Really.  A story this morning is headlined New lessons from the crash and the lead in says  Finally, stocks are cheap. Really. So it may be time to break the rules – just a little – to take advantage of this opportunity. The story goes on […]

CNN has a sense of humor!

Check out this article on  Not bad for a (first that I’ve seen) attempt at Onion style humor. I don’t think the portrayal of Democrat vs Republican is accurate, because many Republicans voted for “Stimulus I” when Bush wanted it, but the story does make a good point.  The more power we give to […]

I.O.U.S.A on CNN this weekend

It’ll be on CNN at 2pm Saturday and 3pm Sunday.  It’s an exclusive “televised” version, so it’s not identical to the movie, but I’ve been wanting to see it for quite awhile.  Here’s the press release for it: From the press release:  The two-hour program will feature an exclusive televised version of the nonpartisan […]


I had posted an article late Friday night/Saturday regarding the “expert” opinions staying to stay fully invested in the stock market.  I’m not sure what happened to it, but it gives a not found error now. Suffice it to say that all the major sites (CNN, FoxNews, NY Times, Marketwatch, etc) said pretty much the […]