Who’s money is it?

Gerald E. Scorse is a nut case.  Not quite Charlie Sheen nut case, but he isn’t too far away.  Read this Op-Ed he wrote in the LA Times. He seriously thinks that people who bother to save for their own retirement are cheating everyone else in the country out of “untold billions in future Treasury […]

Arizona and Illegal Immigration

Laws need to be enforced. Illegal means NOT legal. But that does not mean that LEGAL residents – even American citizens – need to carry and show proof of residency to any Tom, Dick, or Harry in Jerkwater, USA. The 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments have not been repealed as far as I know. In […]

H.R.45 Blair Holt’s Gun Control bill

Just received this from a friend.  It’s the latest attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.  Evidently, those dead white guys who thought up and put into force that piece of parchment we know as the US Constitution were stupid, because they really screwed up when they wrote and passed the 2nd Amendment.  (Yes, I’m being […]

Better late than never

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.  Especially regarding news stories and commenting about them….  Regarding the FLDS polygamy case, it was just yesterday I said “the state has based their entire case on anonymous “calls” that may be a hoax.”   I then listed the many Constitutional issues that I saw with the case, and related […]