Are stocks cheap?

CNN seems to think stocks are cheap right now.  Really.  A story this morning is headlined New lessons from the crash and the lead in says  Finally, stocks are cheap. Really. So it may be time to break the rules – just a little – to take advantage of this opportunity. The story goes on […]

Derivative Disaster

Interesting daily update from The Daily today.  The Mogambo Guru said (in part!): I know what will happen in a crisis, because I know what the crisis is, which is that derivative holders will not be getting the money they were supposed to be getting, because the guys who owe them the money are […]

Another Prognosticator Oops!

I wonder how Doug Kass is feeling about this advice he gave on Jan 14th? Yup, you read that right – he said to “Buy the Financials. Yes, Buy”.  Since Mr. Kass published his story on the 14th, the Financial Sector Index (XLF) is down more than 8% – and it was down 10% […]