Consumer Debt

Get used to this headline.  U.S. consumers fall behind on loans at record pace According to the story Soaring U.S. unemployment and a shrinking economy drove delinquencies on credit card debt and home equity loans to all-time highs in the first quarter as a record number of cash-strapped consumers fell behind on their bills. Delinquencies […]

Will the banks survive?

Fortune has a good article today that talks about the causes and potential solutions of the banking crisis.  I disagree with their conclusions, but the article does a good job of explaining the risks that the banks are facing – and getting ready to face. How can it be that the banks are tottering after […]

Plastic Fantastic

Wow, I know the NY times is not a fan of deregulation (in any form) but they’re piling on in the past few days.  Check out this editorial calling for more federal regulation on credit cards. As an example of why more regulation is needed, they provide an anecdote of a stupid man in Chicago.  […]