Inflation? You aint seen nothing yet!

I ran across this in today’s Daily Reckoning.  It’s a snip from Bill Bonner’s article titled The Fall of Wall Street: Innocent Frauds and Armed Robberies It’s good stuff!  Please take a minute to read it because it explains a lot in just a few paragraphs. gk From the day of its founding in 1913, […]

Here comes stagflation

This is something I’ve said would happen eventually.  Well, I haven’t said it here, but I’ve said it on a family email list where we discuss lots of weird subjects.  🙂  From todays’ Daily Reckoning Australia newsletter: “Treasuries tumbled after the government’s $9 billion auction of 30-year bonds at the lowest yields ever chased away investors,” reports Sandra Hernandez […]

Just Something I Found Interesting

I was aimlously surfing tonight when I found this: In a credit-based economy, a fall in money supply leads to markedly less lending, with a further sharp fall in money supply (since debt is money), and a consequent sharp fall-off in demand for goods. Demand falls, and with the falling of demand, there is a […]