Buffett’s view on gold

I posted this last April, as I heard lot’s of people taking about a bubble in gold, and how gold “doesn’t provide a dividend” and how gold “doesn’t make a profit”.   After reading Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders today, I felt compelled to update the numbers, as Buffett dissed gold pretty bad. […]

What a difference a year makes

Last January I was beginning to get tired of reading stuff like “kitchen sink quarter” and “this is a great time to buy real estate” and “this is the time to buy stocks”.  One evening I happened to read a post by Doug Kass entitled “Buy the Financials. Yes, Buy” in which he made a […]

What moves the stock market?

I don’t know what news people are seeing that encourages them to buy stocks.  I meant to post this last night but didn’t get the time, so here goes. The DJIA went up over 500 points yesterday and I’ll be damned if I can figure out why.  I kept an eye on the news headlines […]

Wow! What a ride!

The DJIA dropped another 675 points today, bringing it down to 8579.  Exactly one year ago, it was at 14,164 – its’ all time high.  Aren’t you glad you pulled all your money out of the market last year? What’s that you say?  You didn’t move to cash because you’re in this for the long […]

GE earnings miss isn’t a shocker

Wow, lots of stories today about the “shocking” earnings miss (and lowered forecast) by GE.  MarketWatch said “GE’s warning pokes hole in recent sentiment that credit crunch has passed” and “The rebound had been fueled by renewed sentiment on Wall Street that the worst of the credit crisis — including the threat of spiraling financial […]

Shifting Sentiment

I was reading an article on CNN tonight and happened to see these lines: But sentiment seems to be shifting as of late. “It’s still too early to tell,” said Thomas Nyheim, portfolio manager at Christiana Bank & Trust. “But I do think that when you have Ben Bernanke, the IMF, and all these strategists saying […]