Sound Familiar?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….  The dollar and financial stocks fall, while gold and oil rise.  Damn, you already heard that one somewhere else?  It’s a familiar refrain that seems to keep repeating, just like an obnoxious Barry Manilow song or that annoying dog commercial that goes “there might be bugs on some […]

Can you say stagflation?

It was interesting watching the stock market go into a steep sell-off today after the Fed meeting minutes were released.  For some reason, most people are still underestimating the severity of the problems in the economy, and they’re stunned when they see something that doesn’t fit into the Goldilocks scenario they’re anticipating. Here’s how CNN phrased […]

The shrinkable dollar

I read a good article today in the NY Times.  Here’s the opening paragraph: If the United States were any other country, these would surely be days of panic and austerity in Washington. With debts spiraling higher, a trade deficit exceeding $700 billion a year, and its currency plunging for years, the government would be […]

The dollar is done

I read an article on Business Week saying that the dollar may be at a bottom.  Huh?  I read the entire article, but I don’t see anything that suggests we’re going to quit borrowing $1.45 billion per day – and that’s at the national level alone.  Coupled with the American consumers’ ability to live beyond […]

What to do with your money

Given the posts I made earlier tonight, I’ve been thinking that instead of just outlining the problems of today (and how much worse it’s going to get) I should talk a bit about what to do with your money to allow you to keep more if it during this downturn – or worse – of […]

America Turns to Foreigners for Money

This is a repost of a thought provoking article I found on The Daily Reckoning.  You can read the original post on their site at: About the only thing I’d add to Mr. Bonner’s excellent insight is that if you think the falling dollar has created some excellent buying opportunities, just wait – you […]