The Illusion of Capital

Ever read one of those articles that gets you more and more excited the further into it you read?  One of those “Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking, but didn’t know how to express it!” articles? Well, today’s Daily Reckoning was like that for me. In the article The Illusion of Capital,  Dan Amoss […]

Who’s money is it?

Gerald E. Scorse is a nut case.  Not quite Charlie Sheen nut case, but he isn’t too far away.  Read this Op-Ed he wrote in the LA Times. He seriously thinks that people who bother to save for their own retirement are cheating everyone else in the country out of “untold billions in future Treasury […]

California Budget

I was reading a Reuters story about the proposed budget in California tonight when I saw this: Wheelchair-bound Christina Mills, 32, of Sacramento, California said disabled workers could not afford to have subsidies for assistants cut as the governor proposed. “If they didn’t have home-care workers to help them get dressed in the morning, they […]

The future – in light of the past

I haven’t posted in what seems like forever.  It’s a combination of work and a lot going on personally, but really just apathy on my part.  I’m spending a lot of time on fantasy football and stuff with my kids, and I hate saying the same things over and over in a different way.  “Yes […]

New bumper sticker

Here’s a bumper sticker someone needs to make – “Honk if I bought your clunker”, or “Honk if I bought your new car”. Just like the “Honk if I’m paying your mortgage” stickers last year, cash for clunkers is simply a way for politicians to take money from one group and give it to another […]

Cash for Congress – err – Clunkers

Cash for clunkers seems to be all the rage this week.  Hundreds of news stories and blog posts are telling everyone how successful it is, how it RAN OUT OF MONEY IN ONE WEEK when it was supposed to last until November, and how this will boost the economy. Bullshit. Here’s an excerpt from the […]

Where do they come up with these stats?

Just glancing through the news this morning and saw this in a story on The blue-chip Dow turned in its best July performance since October of 2002. On a related subject, this could be the best August since April…. gk

The Year of the W

I was browsing through tonight and saw this story from Todd Harrison.  If you’re unfamiliar with Todd, he’s the founder of, and he caused an uproar in the trading community last year when he announced that he had moved 100% of his long term money into cash.  The Dow was at 11, 346 […]

This is dumb

Just scanning the headlines on Google News tonight and happened across this in the NY Times. The highly complex tactic has become a cause of growing concern within the Internal Revenue Service in recent years because it deprives the Treasury of billions of dollars a year, according to private-sector estimates. It “deprives the Treasury of […]

Closing the book on 2008 earnings

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to post any new info, and as I was reading through the news tonight, it occurred to me to close the loop on the dismal S&P 500 earnings in Q4 of 2008.  To sum it up, they sucked. Standard and Poors has the final numbers for 2008 […]