Holy Crap!

I can’t believe that just a few months after letting one kid die, these religious nutcases have let another child die.  I’m not kidding – it’s the same group!  After I disagreed with what the state did in Texas (the state couldn’t prove a damn thing and had no reason for taking the kids away […]

Religious Fanatics Charged with Murder

It’s about time!  As I wrote in a previous post, I think these religious nuts who refuse to get medical care for their kids (they think that God will cure them – no need for doctors or medicine) should be charged with murder.  It looks like that’s going to happen.  According to FoxNews, Parents who […]

Oregon gets it right

According to a story on FoxNews, Oregon is charging a couple with manslaughter after letting their 15 month old daughter die.  They’re another couple of religious fanatics who thought that God would make their daughter well if they prayed for her.  But they also anointed her with oil, so maybe that counts as medical treatment…. I think Oregon […]