FDIC Friday – 2 more banks failed

If it’s Friday, there must be a bank failure….  The FDIC shut down two more banks yesterday, bringing the total of failed banks to 15 for the year. In case you’re wondering, I think this is a good thing.  It’s what we should be doing with all the failed banks.  Instead, we’re spending billions to […]

Just another FDIC Friday

In what has become a Friday tradition, three (I posted this too soon) four more banks bite the dust.  MarketWatch.com has this story on today’s edition of  FDIC Friday. (Added at 9:54pm ET – I posted the FDIC Friday story too soon.  MarketWatch hasn’t updated the story yet, but Pinnacle Bank in Beaverton OR was […]

Another Friday, another 3 banks fail

It’s called “FDIC Friday” for a reason – the FDIC seized three more banks on February 6th, bring the total to nine for the year.  There have only been 6 Friday’s so far in 2009.  6 weeks, 9 failed banks. Here’s a CNN story with details of the failures. The failed banks are FirstBank Financial […]

FDIC Friday

Yesterday was FDIC Friday.  That’s a term I read in some comments on MarketWatch.com last year and it stuck with me. It came about because the FDIC has taken to shutting banks down on Friday evenings just after the stock market closes.  That gives the stock market a couple of days to forget how bad […]