Another Bailout for AIG

Looks like $150 billion wasn’t enough to stop the bleeding at AIG – we’re getting ready to give them more money.  According to Reuters AIG is asking for more aid and bracing for a fourth-quarter loss of roughly $60 billion, a source familiar with the matter said. It would be the biggest loss in a quarter […]

Financial Meltdown

I’ve got a lot more to say, but I was reading a story on the NY Times and this caught my attention: “It’s like having a fire in a cinema,” said Hyun Song Shin, an economics professor at Princeton. “Everybody is rushing to the door. You are rushing to the door because everyone is rushing […]

Financial Follies

In going through the financial news stories on various sites tonight, this one from the NY Times struck me as particularly insightful.  Lets see what they have to say about the state of the financial institutions…. The story starts with this: Somehow, $4.4 billion just evaporated at Merrill Lynch. Less than two weeks ago, Merrill […]

What’s up with gold?

As regular readers know, I think that the price of “stuff” will go up long term as the dollar continues to fall – and the dollar will continue to fall long term, as our governemnt prints more pretty green pieces of paper.   So why have commodities (gold, silver, oil, wheat, etc.) dropped so much over the past 2 […]