NY Post hate speech?

Let me say this up front – I think racism and other “hate speech” is disgusting.  It’s rarely helpful to the cause of the person saying it, and it paints them as being ignorant. But they have every right to say it.  And I support their right to say it.  Calling for a political cartoonist […]

Knoxville Church Shooting Coverage

The Knoxville News Sentinel deleted a lot of comments on its’ story during the day Sunday.  I left a few comments regarding deleting the comments and their coverage of the story in general.  Guess what – my comments were deleted….  Here’s what they posted as a reason this morning: Posted by KNSemily on July 28, […]

Congress shall make no law

In reading some of the articles from major media sources regarding Obama’s “historic” speech, all I can say is thank God for the First Amendment!  To give you a sample of what I’ve seen online, take a look at this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. The article says Obama’s “historic” speech has “elevated the […]