Better late than never – part 2

As I said before, Texas had no right (and violated several amendments in the Bill of Rights) ro take children from their parents who are members of the FLDS.  At last they are being returned to their homes. CNN says a Texas judge issued an order Monday allowing parents of hundreds of children seized from a polygamist […]

Better late than never

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.  Especially regarding news stories and commenting about them….  Regarding the FLDS polygamy case, it was just yesterday I said “the state has based their entire case on anonymous “calls” that may be a hoax.”   I then listed the many Constitutional issues that I saw with the case, and related […]

Texas screwed up

I haven’t said anything about the Texas state raid of the “polygamist compound” but I read a story tonight on FoxNews that kinda ticks me off.  When I get ticked off I need to say something about it, so here goes…. The story is about a supposedly underaged girl who gave birth while in state […]