Is Geithner really that dumb?

Timothy Geithner is either really stupid or he’s simply lying to buy time.  I left work early today and I heard this quote from Rush Limbaugh on the way home (I used to listen to him regularly, but his shtick is getting old – how long can he blame everything on the Democrats and Clinton?  […]

A dialogue with Geithner

Today’s Daily Reckoning had a good piece (as usual) from Bill Bonner.  He had an imaginary conversation with Tim Geithner about how to handle the debt bubble.  I wish I would have thought of that, but I’m not known for being original.  🙂  Here’s part of the conversation where Tim calls up Bill and asks […]

Will Geithner’s plan work?

There’s a decent article on this evening asking about Geithner’s plan, and if it would work.  It raised some some excellent points. What we do know is that the Obama administration is offering extremely favorable terms to the potential investors. The government, as The New York Times reported this morning, would lend private investors […]

Bye bye Geithner

We’ve all seen how it means a financial company is doomed to disappear when they need to announce that they’ve got “plenty of liquidity”.  Something very similar seems to happen when a President feels the need to express “full confidence” in one of his cabinet members. Today Obama said Geithner is doing an “outstanding job” […]

Idiot finance gurus at G20

They’ll never learn….  Saw this on CNN and it torqued me off. “A strong consensus both for recovery and reform” emerged from the G20 meeting of financial leaders that ended Saturday near London, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said. “This is a global crisis, and it requires a coordinated, global response,” he said at a […]

Mr. President

Saw this article and had to get a link to it here.  It says – much better than I could – what I’ve been trying to say about President Obama’s spending. Here’s a snip to give you the flavor of the article. With all due respect Mr. President, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke are offering […]

Secretary Geithner Introduces Financial Stability Plan

Geithner introduced the new FSP today.  He says it stands for “Financial Stability Plan”.  I think it’s more like “Fucking Stupid Politicians”, because that’s much more accurate. All of the quotes below are straight from the U.S. Treasury press release, available from their website here. After the obligatory suck up to the boss, and look […]

Another $2 trillion down the drain

A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money…. I just read a Yahoo news story (taken from Reuters I think) which outlines the new bank bailout presented today by U.S. Treasury chief Tim Geithner.  In case you didn’t notice, the stock market didn’t take kindly to it, dropping almost 400 points […]