Faith or science?

Stories like this one in the Knoxville News Sentinel today are popular tear jerker’s – kind of like any film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts – but they make no sense. The story I referenced is headlined “A family’s faith helps them find the best gift of all” and it’s replete with statements like […]

Does God Exist?

I was pretty much aimlessly surfing the web tonight when I read this on FoxNews.  I have to admit that I really don’t surf “aimlessly” it’s more like “actively looking for something that’s interesting” if that makes sense. Anyway, I find the arguments around the scientists vs religion question somewhat silly – because it really doesn’t […]

Update on Fitna

It appears that the original link to the short film Fitna that I posted doesn’t work any longer.  But my original link directly to the video is still working.  So if you go to my previous post and click the play button on the video, you will be able to view the movie.  If you not […]

Oregon gets it right

According to a story on FoxNews, Oregon is charging a couple with manslaughter after letting their 15 month old daughter die.  They’re another couple of religious fanatics who thought that God would make their daughter well if they prayed for her.  But they also anointed her with oil, so maybe that counts as medical treatment…. I think Oregon […]


The film “Fitna” was released on the web today.  It’s here if you want to view it.  A story about it (and the controversy around it) is here on FoxNews.  Here’s another link to the movie. Personally, I think way to many people are way too uptight about religion in general.  God speaks to too […]

Oh Ye of Little Faith

Here’s a story on FoxNews that just ticks me off.  The headline reads: “Wisconsin Parents Didn’t Expect Daughter to Die During Prayer.”  Duh. It’s a story about an 11 year old girl (I have two girls ages 10 and 11, so I can relate to the the parents) who hasn’t seen a doctor since she was […]