A deficit dummy

It’s easy to find dumb articles on the economy these days, but this one by Robert H. Frank in the NY Times is quite possibly the dumbest collection of nonsense that I’ve read in quite some time. Mr. Frank is an economist at Cornell – evidently Cornell has loose requirements on who can claim that […]

Going Galt

Check out Dr. Helen’s blog.  Evidently she coined the term “Going Galt” in a post last fall, and it’s picked up a lot of press, including a recent column by Michelle Malkin at Townhall.com entitled “Going Galt”: America’s Wealth Producers vs. Wealth Redistributors. I have not read a lot of her blog, but the first […]

How to save the world

It’s a cool rainy day in Knoxville, so I’ve been catching up on my reading.  Yesterday’s Daily Reckoning had a great article titled “How to Save the World” and I want to post a bit of it here with some comments, because it sums up the cause – and the solution – to the economic […]

Mr. President

Saw this article and had to get a link to it here.  It says – much better than I could – what I’ve been trying to say about President Obama’s spending. Here’s a snip to give you the flavor of the article. With all due respect Mr. President, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke are offering […]

A $3.55 trillion budget

Spending “only” $3.55 trillion is considered to be fiscally responsible? President Obama inherited a more than $1 trillion deficit from the idiot George Bush, but he’s tacked on more than his fair share already.  The current estimate of the deficit is now up to $1.75 trillion for fiscal year 2009, which started on Oct 1st, […]

Can Obama cut the deficit in half?

According to Reuters, an anonymous “administration official” said The deficit this administration inherited was $1.3 trillion or 9.2 percent of GDP. By 2013, the end of the president’s first term, the budget cuts the deficit to $533 billion or 3.0 percent of GDP. I don’t think Obama will do that – he certainly hasn’t started […]

More stimulus waste

I’m continuing to read the stimulus bill, I’ll add stuff here that I think is stupid.  Stupid as in it doesn’t do a damn thing to stimulate the economy and doesn’t actually help people who are out of work.  Keep in mind that is you simply gave each taxpayer an equal portion of the $787 […]