Got Gold?

Just forty years ago in 1971, one ounce of gold would buy 35 US dollars.   Twenty years ago in 1991, one ounce of gold could be exchanged for 350 US dollars.   Today, that same ounce of gold will buy you more than 1500 US dollars.  $1508 to be exact. From $35 to $1500 in forty […]

Yo, ‘Bama, will you be my homeboy?

This is what it’s come down to…  An 11 year old asking President Obama “Would you like to become my homeboy?” That’s what USA Today says in their article about it. WEAVER: When I interviewed Vice President Joe Biden, he became my homeboy. Would you like to become my homeboy? OBAMA: Absolutely, thank you man. […]

Sackcloth and ashes in Birmingham

Ok, here’s the lead in: BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —  Struggling to confront a worsening homicide rate, the mayor of Birmingham asked pastors and citizens Friday to don burlap sacks and ashes Friday in an Old Testament-style sign of biblical repentance. What can you say to that?  Is the mayor a total idiot – or is he simply […]