What if no one wants our debt?

Just read an interesting post on the Yahoo Tech Ticker site titled “Sum of All Fears: Stocks Slump But Bond Woes Are the Real Concern” and it mentions something that I haven’t talked about in quite awhile.  Bond prices. You see, when we (the US Government) borrow billions and trillions to bail out bad companies, […]

The shrinkable dollar

I read a good article today in the NY Times.  Here’s the opening paragraph: If the United States were any other country, these would surely be days of panic and austerity in Washington. With debts spiraling higher, a trade deficit exceeding $700 billion a year, and its currency plunging for years, the government would be […]

Here comes stagflation

This is something I’ve said would happen eventually.  Well, I haven’t said it here, but I’ve said it on a family email list where we discuss lots of weird subjects.  🙂  From todays’ Daily Reckoning Australia newsletter: “Treasuries tumbled after the government’s $9 billion auction of 30-year bonds at the lowest yields ever chased away investors,” reports Sandra Hernandez […]

Market Direction and Bond Insurers

I have a “My Yahoo!” page setup with a couple of portfolio’s, one to view the funds I have available in my 401k.  The other has a few stocks that I own in various accounts, such as the kids college funds, a Roth IRA, and a small “play” account.  The second portfolio also has a few stocks […]