Idiot finance gurus at G20

They’ll never learn….  Saw this on CNN and it torqued me off. “A strong consensus both for recovery and reform” emerged from the G20 meeting of financial leaders that ended Saturday near London, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said. “This is a global crisis, and it requires a coordinated, global response,” he said at a […]

Capitalist blog revolution

Here’s a post copied from Save Capitalism. Check out his blog if you’re interested in how a capitalist from Sweden views the economic meltdown.  It’s good stuff! gk Capitalist Blog Revolution (III) : We all hate Keynesians now I predict that before this all is over, anyone promoting Keynesianism will be hung very high. Not because […]

How to save the world

It’s a cool rainy day in Knoxville, so I’ve been catching up on my reading.  Yesterday’s Daily Reckoning had a great article titled “How to Save the World” and I want to post a bit of it here with some comments, because it sums up the cause – and the solution – to the economic […]