Straight Talk

I ran across an interesting article in the NY Times today.  Gail Collins obviously believes in cradle to grave socialism, but she writes well.  She sarcastically lambasts McCain for wanting the current crop of hustlers to fail on their own, and she doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of what she’s advocating.  If people (and […]

Give me a break

The story is all over the news tonight.  Here’s the Washington Posts’ take.  A few choice quotes: “But he (McCain)declined to embrace the kind of government intervention for individuals and institutions favored by Clinton and Obama, arguing that “it is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether […]

Early Iowa Results

Based on what CNN and FOXNews are reporting, it looks like Huckabee will be the winner in Iowa with about 31% of the vote, followed by Romney at 23%, Thompson at 13%, McCain at 12%, Giuliani at 11%, Paul at 10%, and Hunter with less than 1%. That’s with about 40% of the precincts reporting. […]