Here we go again….  I just posted about the broken window fallacy on Saturday, and here comes Eric Zencey writing in the NY Times trying to claim that “If you get into a fender-bender and have your car fixed, G.D.P. goes up” and that “Hurricane Katrina produced something like $82 billion in damages in New […]

This is dumb

Just scanning the headlines on Google News tonight and happened across this in the NY Times. The highly complex tactic has become a cause of growing concern within the Internal Revenue Service in recent years because it deprives the Treasury of billions of dollars a year, according to private-sector estimates. It “deprives the Treasury of […]

A deficit dummy

It’s easy to find dumb articles on the economy these days, but this one by Robert H. Frank in the NY Times is quite possibly the dumbest collection of nonsense that I’ve read in quite some time. Mr. Frank is an economist at Cornell – evidently Cornell has loose requirements on who can claim that […]

When will the recession end?

Good series of articles in the NY Times today titled When Will the Recession Be Over? It’s a good read with differing views, but the bottom line consensus is “not soon”. gk

Economy of Bush

Here are the current top three stories in the NY Times Business Section as of 9:30pm ET, July 28th: Record Deficit of $482 Billion Forecast By ROBERT PEAR and DAVID M. HERSZENHORN 4:17 PM ET The White House predicted on Monday that the Bush administration would bequeath a record deficit of $482 billion to the […]

The Great Forgetting

While checking out the headlines this morning, I ran across this from David Brooks at the NY Times.  Anyone at or approaching middle age should check it out, because it’s a humorous take on memory loss and information overload. Here’s his take on the start of a conversation:  This divide produces moments of social combat. […]

Plastic Fantastic

Wow, I know the NY times is not a fan of deregulation (in any form) but they’re piling on in the past few days.  Check out this editorial calling for more federal regulation on credit cards. As an example of why more regulation is needed, they provide an anecdote of a stupid man in Chicago.  […]

Straight Talk

I ran across an interesting article in the NY Times today.  Gail Collins obviously believes in cradle to grave socialism, but she writes well.  She sarcastically lambasts McCain for wanting the current crop of hustlers to fail on their own, and she doesn’t seem to understand the consequences of what she’s advocating.  If people (and […]

A Crisis of Faith

Paul Krugman has a decent opinion piece in the NY Times today.  If you’ve read any of his stuff before, you know that he thinks government has all the answers – and that government can fix whatever is wrong with (pick your topic!). Todays’ article basically blames everything economic on “A Crisis of Faith”.  He […]