Arm the rebels?

WTF has the “no fly zone” in Libya morphed into now?  Obama is turning into moron GW in front of our eyes!!  According to this story from BBC , “US President Barack Obama has said he does not rule out arming the rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.” So we went from […]

Today’s top news

Here are the top 10 news stories today from Reuters Business News as of 4:55 PM ET.  Notice a pattern? Wall St pulled lower by banks, S&P below 700 – 14 minutes agoStocks fell in volatile trading on Tuesday, with the S&P ending below 700 for the first time since October 1996 as persistent uncertainty about the amount […]

Power your SUV with Human Fat!

Now this is new….  According to Forbes, a plastic surgeon specialing in liposuction has a use for the fat he sucks out of overweight people – he runs his SUV on it!  Here’s a quote from the story: “Beverly Hills doctor Craig Alan Bittner turned the fat he removed from patients into biodiesel that fueled […]

Is “Junk Science” telling the truth?

I read this article on today from “Junk Science” publisher Steven Milloy.  The article is titled “Is T. Boone Pickens ‘Swiftboating’ America?” and basically says that Pickens is lying and that he has his facts wrong. After I did a bit of research it appears that Junk Science really IS junk science – at […]

Oil Speculation

The news is full of (no, not that!) stories about Congress investigating the role of oil speculation today.  A CNN story says “Near-record oil prices could quickly fall by half if Congress were to rein in speculators“.  Sounds good – so what’s the hold up?  If Congress could simply pass a law that would drop […]

Peak Oil is here

I’ve been reading about peak oil for a few years, and I know that in the US, we reached peak oil production in the early 1970’s, but I was curious about global peak oil production so I looked at some hard numbers.  Here’s an Excel spreadsheet with the latest numbers I could find: oil-prod-by-year The […]

Taxes, Deficits, Inflation – Oh My!

Read this.  Please.  It’s the annual report from the Social Security and Medicare trustees, and it has bad news for anyone who doesn’t already have one foot in the grave. If you pay taxes, you will be paying more – a lot more – sometime soon.  The annual report contains all the numbers in black […]

The running of the bulls

From the 400 point rally today in the stock market, you’d think that the bulls are running rampant in Pamplona.  And you may be right, however…. Stocks are still down over 10% for the year.  The highly leveraged banks and Wall Street firms are still highly leveraged.  Massive amounts of mortgage backed securities – and their […]