This will not help

President Obama today said “If we once again guide the market’s invisible hand with a higher principle, our markets will recover, our economy will once again thrive and America will once again lead the world in this new century as it did in the last“. Has he actually read The Wealth of Nations, the classic […]

Plastic Fantastic

Wow, I know the NY times is not a fan of deregulation (in any form) but they’re piling on in the past few days.  Check out this editorial calling for more federal regulation on credit cards. As an example of why more regulation is needed, they provide an anecdote of a stupid man in Chicago.  […]

Who’s going to answer the phone?

Reading this story on FoxNewsreminded me to post my thoughts on the growing cries for more government regulation of the mortgage and brokerage industries.  Basically, I think we need to stop the Fed interventions and roll back the regulations we have now. That comes with a caveat though – no regulation and no intervention also implies […]