Ron Paul on Gold

Sometimes when I get an idea about something to post, I find that someone has said it infinitely better than I could. This is one of those times.  Read this from Ron Paul – which I copied from a email unashamedly because they took it from Paul’s website.  🙂 There’s a link to it […]

We should’ve elected Ron Paul

Ron Paul knows economics.  He knows how the free market system is supposed to work.  I say “supposed to” because we haven’t had a free market system in the US for almost 100 years. And yet people say the dumbest things, like “this proves the free market system doesn’t work without regulation” and “we need […]

Why Ron Paul Scares the GOP

Excellent writeup in TIME Magazine (of all places!) last week regarding Ron Paul and what he stands for.   Too bad more Americans weren’t exposed to him during the campaign, and I personally don’t think the idea of returning to a sound currency is “wacky.” Here’s a quote from the story: “But he is an extremist […]

Ron Paul Looking Ahead

After finishing in fifth place in Iowa with just 10% of the vote, Ron Paul is looking ahead to New Hampshire, where he’s getting the support of about 7% of voters in the polls.  Given that New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die” Paul supporters hope that he’ll at least double those numbers and receive about 15% […]

Early Iowa Results

Based on what CNN and FOXNews are reporting, it looks like Huckabee will be the winner in Iowa with about 31% of the vote, followed by Romney at 23%, Thompson at 13%, McCain at 12%, Giuliani at 11%, Paul at 10%, and Hunter with less than 1%. That’s with about 40% of the precincts reporting. […]

GOP Presidential Race

Ok, any opinions on who’s going to be the GOP candidate?  Since I think the federal government does way too much anyway – things that it doesn’t have the Consitutional authority to do – I’m thinking Ron Paul is getting my vote on February 5th.  I especially like his thoughts on monetary policy, and I […]