Climate nonsense

I’ll get this out of the way first – I’m a skeptic whenever the people predicting/promoting something depend on the thing they predicted/promoted continuing so they can get another taxpayer funded grant so they can continue to predict/promote the subject.  Thus I am skeptical of man-made global warming. Note that I am not denying climate […]

Does God Exist?

I was pretty much aimlessly surfing the web tonight when I read this on FoxNews.  I have to admit that I really don’t surf “aimlessly” it’s more like “actively looking for something that’s interesting” if that makes sense. Anyway, I find the arguments around the scientists vs religion question somewhat silly – because it really doesn’t […]

Science and Beer

Damn, there go my aspirations of being a well published scientist.  According to a story in the NY Times today anyway.  Of course, that’s assuming that I had earned any credentials as a scientist, and that I had any aspirations to publish whatever scientific work I was doing at the time.   Since I am (at […]