Batshit Bachmann drops out

Dammit!  Michelle Bachmann dropped out of the race today.  She was so easy to make fun of, just had to read the speeches that day to get new batshit material. Oh well, the whacko side of the Republican party is still well represented with Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum. I’d add Mitt to the list, but […]

China disagrees with US stimulus

Here’s a bit of an update on the G20 meeting.  It appears that China is getting serious about the US economy, because they want to eventually get the money back that they’ve loaned us. According to a story on Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao called on the United States to remain “a credible nation” and […]

Some states to shun stimulus funds

According to the Christian Science Monitor, At least six governors have said they may refuse money. CNN also has some a decent story on it. “We’re concerned that we’re just going to be doling out million dollar hugs,” says Jon Hanian, Governor Otter’s press secretary. “It really comes down to the proper role of government, […]

A trillion wrongs don’t make a right

Another excellent post at  Here’s a snip to give you a taste of it. This is a sign of neither strong character nor a sustainable economy. It reeks of the same moral cowardice and fiscal insanity that doomed great civilizations of the past. The bread and circuses that helped mightily to bankrupt ancient Rome […]

More stimulus waste

I’m continuing to read the stimulus bill, I’ll add stuff here that I think is stupid.  Stupid as in it doesn’t do a damn thing to stimulate the economy and doesn’t actually help people who are out of work.  Keep in mind that is you simply gave each taxpayer an equal portion of the $787 […]

How to blow $787 billion – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

In perusing the site, I found some interesting things.  It doesn’t say anything, but it has a link, to a link where you can read the whole text of the bill.  You can click 4 times through the various websites and messages to get there, but eventually you wind up here. (One click, I […]

Save Capitalism

Thanks to a reader comment, I learned of a great blog tonight.  It’s called Save Capitalism, and there are some great posts on it.  Here’s one I particularly enjoyed – Why Obama shouldn’t play Roosevelt, and the crucial detail Bernanke missed Be sure to check out the “Selected Posts” sidebar on the right side of the […]

Another $2 trillion down the drain

A trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money…. I just read a Yahoo news story (taken from Reuters I think) which outlines the new bank bailout presented today by U.S. Treasury chief Tim Geithner.  In case you didn’t notice, the stock market didn’t take kindly to it, dropping almost 400 points […]

Specter and Collins allow stimulus to pass

According to, Republican Senators Specter and Collins have defected from the other Republicans and signed onto the latest pork-filled stimulus bill.  Take a look at the picture – which I copied from the story. Don’t they look happy?  I don’t normally make fun of the way others look, but these two look like […]

We should’ve elected Ron Paul

Ron Paul knows economics.  He knows how the free market system is supposed to work.  I say “supposed to” because we haven’t had a free market system in the US for almost 100 years. And yet people say the dumbest things, like “this proves the free market system doesn’t work without regulation” and “we need […]