California Budget

I was reading a Reuters story about the proposed budget in California tonight when I saw this: Wheelchair-bound Christina Mills, 32, of Sacramento, California said disabled workers could not afford to have subsidies for assistants cut as the governor proposed. “If they didn’t have home-care workers to help them get dressed in the morning, they […]

Cash for Congress – err – Clunkers

Cash for clunkers seems to be all the rage this week.  Hundreds of news stories and blog posts are telling everyone how successful it is, how it RAN OUT OF MONEY IN ONE WEEK when it was supposed to last until November, and how this will boost the economy. Bullshit. Here’s an excerpt from the […]

Unconstitutional IOU’s

I don’t know why this hasn’t been brought up in any of the California budget news that I’ve seen.  The state of California is issuing IOU’s instead of paying people and companies.  I’m no lawyer, but that practice obviously (it’s obvious to me anyway) violates the US Constitution.  Article I, Section 10, titled “Powers prohibited […]

This is dumb

Just scanning the headlines on Google News tonight and happened across this in the NY Times. The highly complex tactic has become a cause of growing concern within the Internal Revenue Service in recent years because it deprives the Treasury of billions of dollars a year, according to private-sector estimates. It “deprives the Treasury of […]

100% tax on AIG bonuses?

It’s probably the understatement of the decade to say that I’m no fan of bailouts, but the proposal to tax 100% of the bonuses at AIG because they’re using our money is ridiculous. Even though Bush trampled all over it, we have this document called the Constitution which limits what the government is allowed to […]

Goodbye Capitalism

Capitalism is almost dead in the US.  What follows is a copy and paste of part of yesterday’s Daily Reckoning.  You need to read it – both what follows and the Daily Reckoning site.  Enjoy! gk Obama’s new budget is the biggest bag of leeches to come along since the Roosevelt Administration. We have not […]

Honk if you’re paying my mortgage

I’m not a Republican (or a Democrat), but I like this. The only thing that might be better is if it said “Honk if I’m paying your mortgage” Or maybe a few others: Honk if you’re bailing out my bank. Honk if I’m bailing out your bank. Honk if you’re tired of bailouts. Honk if […]

New Tennessee Income Tax Proposed

There’s a proposal to institute a new income tax in Tennessee, and you can read the full text of the proposed bill here. It’s called the “Tennessee Modernization and Economic Stimulus Act”, as if by calling a tax an “economic stimulus” suddenly makes it different than simply calling it a new tax. One of the […]

Taxpayer beware – the bailout will hurt

Ransom note?  Robbery note?  Hold-up note?  I’ve heard it refrred to by all those terms, but according to a one page “research note” by Joseph LaVorgna of Deutsche Bank, the US taxpayer is hosed no matter what the government does. I heard about it on NPR – of all places – on Friday this week, […]

More stimulus waste

I’m continuing to read the stimulus bill, I’ll add stuff here that I think is stupid.  Stupid as in it doesn’t do a damn thing to stimulate the economy and doesn’t actually help people who are out of work.  Keep in mind that is you simply gave each taxpayer an equal portion of the $787 […]