SEC beats area high schools

Tennessee starts the year kicking some butt.  They slaughtered that perennial national title contender football powerhouse Our Lady of Mercy – Umm, I mean Western Kentucky.  At home. What’s the deal with supposedly “power” conferences padding stats by playing whatever area high school team needs some cash? Props to Alabama, Georgia, and LSU for actually […]

New Tennessee Income Tax Proposed

There’s a proposal to institute a new income tax in Tennessee, and you can read the full text of the proposed bill here. It’s called the “Tennessee Modernization and Economic Stimulus Act”, as if by calling a tax an “economic stimulus” suddenly makes it different than simply calling it a new tax. One of the […]

Why is Darwin still controversial?

I’m just sitting here, minding my own business, peacefully surfing through the local news tonight, when I see this story in the Knoxville News Sentinel.  It’s titled “Knox schools say they don’t teach human evolution, but how the process relates to all life”. The story starts out with this: “We have the purpose of preventing […]

Vols lose to Wyoming?

I knew the Vols were bad this year, that they have played some of the worst football I’ve ever seen from a major program, that their play calling on offense was horrid (Hey Fulmer – play Madden sometime!) but even I didn’t expect them to lose to a bad Wyoming team.  At home. Here’s something […]

How bad are the Vols this year?

I watched the Vols beat up on Central High – oops, I mean UAB – today 35 – 3.  I also saw the highlights of the UCLA vs BYU game, where UCLA  lost 59 to 0.  That’s not a typo, the total points UCLA scored against BYU was zero.  Zip.  Nadda, Goose-egg. Considering the fact […]

Final two

And then there were two….  Kansas and Memphis will play for the NCAA championship in a few minutes.  I haven’t seen a lot of either of them this year, but I did watch the tourney games.  Both teams are damn good.  Both play an uptempo game, so I don’t think the game tonight will be […]

Good Ol Rocky Top

The Tennessee basketball team is ranked high in all the polls, but how are they gonna celebrate when they win?  Check out this story. “The arrest is aimed at drying up the sale of untaxed liquor and putting one of the best in the field out of business.” It all comes down to the fact […]