A dialogue with Geithner

Today’s Daily Reckoning had a good piece (as usual) from Bill Bonner.  He had an imaginary conversation with Tim Geithner about how to handle the debt bubble.  I wish I would have thought of that, but I’m not known for being original.  🙂  Here’s part of the conversation where Tim calls up Bill and asks […]

The beginning of the end

Make note of this date – March 18th, 2009.   100 years from now, historians will point to it as the day the United States of America sealed its’ fate. Today the United States shifted from a long slow decline into high gear – and nailed the accelerator pedal to the floor.  There are several other […]

$11 Trillion in debt

At the current rate, at some point withing the next 24 to 48 hours, the US Government debt is going to hit $11 trillion.  According to the US Treasury website “Debt to the Penny” as of right now (8:45pm EDT) we owe $10,951,578,308,859.02. Look at the Debt Clock at the top of this page for […]

What Lehman Brothers should have taught us

Excellent post on Save Capitalism today about what we should have learned – but obviously didn’t – from the Lehman Brothers debacle.  Here’s a snip: The saviour from the disaster of global economic collapse is government debt. It has served as a temporary cushion for the system to fall back on. The danger is that […]

Will China stop loaning us money?

I mentioned this just yesterday, and it looks like it’s quickly becoming a major issue.  According to a story from Reuters today, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said “Whether we will buy more U.S. Treasury bonds, and if so by how much — we should take that decision in accordance with China’s own need and also […]

What if no one wants our debt?

Just read an interesting post on the Yahoo Tech Ticker site titled “Sum of All Fears: Stocks Slump But Bond Woes Are the Real Concern” and it mentions something that I haven’t talked about in quite awhile.  Bond prices. You see, when we (the US Government) borrow billions and trillions to bail out bad companies, […]