What if no one wants our debt?

Just read an interesting post on the Yahoo Tech Ticker site titled “Sum of All Fears: Stocks Slump But Bond Woes Are the Real Concern” and it mentions something that I haven’t talked about in quite awhile.  Bond prices. You see, when we (the US Government) borrow billions and trillions to bail out bad companies, […]

What a difference a year makes

Last January I was beginning to get tired of reading stuff like “kitchen sink quarter” and “this is a great time to buy real estate” and “this is the time to buy stocks”.  One evening I happened to read a post by Doug Kass entitled “Buy the Financials. Yes, Buy” in which he made a […]

America Turns to Foreigners for Money

This is a repost of a thought provoking article I found on The Daily Reckoning.  You can read the original post on their site at: http://www.dailyreckoning.com.au/america-turns-to-foreigners/2008/01/22/ About the only thing I’d add to Mr. Bonner’s excellent insight is that if you think the falling dollar has created some excellent buying opportunities, just wait – you […]