SEC beats area high schools

Tennessee starts the year kicking some butt.  They slaughtered that perennial national title contender football powerhouse Our Lady of Mercy – Umm, I mean Western Kentucky.  At home. What’s the deal with supposedly “power” conferences padding stats by playing whatever area high school team needs some cash? Props to Alabama, Georgia, and LSU for actually […]

Pat Summitt Makes Tennessee a Cradle of Coaches

Excellent story in the NY Times about Pat Summitt and the legacy of coaches that she’s leaving in her wake.  You can follow the link to the story and read the whole thing, but here are a few snips: A better measure of Summitt’s success — in her eyes, anyway — is this: 45 Lady […]

How bad are the Vols this year?

I watched the Vols beat up on Central High – oops, I mean UAB – today 35 – 3.  I also saw the highlights of the UCLA vs BYU game, where UCLA  lost 59 to 0.  That’s not a typo, the total points UCLA scored against BYU was zero.  Zip.  Nadda, Goose-egg. Considering the fact […]

Tennessee Lady Vols

The Tennessee Lady Vols are the 2008 NCAA champions!  They successfully defended their title by beating Stanford last night, giving them 8 championships – and counting. I moved to Knoxville in March of 2007, just before the Lady Vols won their 7th national championship last year.  I don’t know if the people around here are […]