Today’s top news

Here are the top 10 news stories today from Reuters Business News as of 4:55 PM ET.  Notice a pattern? Wall St pulled lower by banks, S&P below 700 – 14 minutes agoStocks fell in volatile trading on Tuesday, with the S&P ending below 700 for the first time since October 1996 as persistent uncertainty about the amount […]

Inflation? You aint seen nothing yet!

I ran across this in today’s Daily Reckoning.  It’s a snip from Bill Bonner’s article titled The Fall of Wall Street: Innocent Frauds and Armed Robberies It’s good stuff!  Please take a minute to read it because it explains a lot in just a few paragraphs. gk From the day of its founding in 1913, […]

How to blow $700 billion

I don’t know where to start….  Let me get this out of the way – I think the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street banks is a bad idea.  A very bad idea.  A very bad idea for many reasons.   I’ll try to explain some of them. For starters, here’s what the Telegraph in the […]

Wall Street Chaos

Just had to pass this on.  Excellent write up of the financial issues facing Wall Street and (though I disagree with some of it) Allan Sloan does a good job of breaking down a complex subject.  Highly readable and highly recommended. gk