Will the banks survive?

Fortune has a good article today that talks about the causes and potential solutions of the banking crisis.  I disagree with their conclusions, but the article does a good job of explaining the risks that the banks are facing – and getting ready to face. How can it be that the banks are tottering after […]

Financial Follies

In going through the financial news stories on various sites tonight, this one from the NY Times struck me as particularly insightful.  Lets see what they have to say about the state of the financial institutions…. The story starts with this: Somehow, $4.4 billion just evaporated at Merrill Lynch. Less than two weeks ago, Merrill […]

The dollar is done

I read an article on Business Week saying that the dollar may be at a bottom.  Huh?  I read the entire article, but I don’t see anything that suggests we’re going to quit borrowing $1.45 billion per day – and that’s at the national level alone.  Coupled with the American consumers’ ability to live beyond […]

Writedowns soar – stocks soar

It’s been done to death today, but a quick scan of the headlines tonight will make you think everyone is in on a huge April Fool prank.  UBS wrote down $19 billion and Deutsche Bank wrote down $4 bilion, so investors bought everything in sight, sending the market up almost 400 points to close at […]