What a difference a year makes

Last January I was beginning to get tired of reading stuff like “kitchen sink quarter” and “this is a great time to buy real estate” and “this is the time to buy stocks”.  One evening I happened to read a post by Doug Kass entitled “Buy the Financials. Yes, Buy” in which he made a […]

Deja Vu

Does this sound familiar?  According to the story, Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis says “that he sees no need for the largest U.S. bank to raise capital or cut its dividend.” I don’t know why, but it sounds like I’ve heard that before….  Oh yea, now I remember.  Citi Group said that on November […]

How’s that working for you?

Back in January, I posted a short article basically saying that it was way too early to call a bottom in financial stocks.  I had been reading an article on TheStreet.com by Doug Kass where he made the case that it was time to buy the financial sector, via XLF.   While I agreed with much of his analysis, […]

What’s up with gold?

As regular readers know, I think that the price of “stuff” will go up long term as the dollar continues to fall – and the dollar will continue to fall long term, as our governemnt prints more pretty green pieces of paper.   So why have commodities (gold, silver, oil, wheat, etc.) dropped so much over the past 2 […]